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Treehuggers Auto Spa has from the beginning wanted to be the feel good business that stands out from the rest. We also didn't want to be like any other quality detail shop. That is why Treehuggers Auto Spa is an experience that rejuvenates your vehicle much like going to a spa does to the body and soul. 

In the same sense we pride ourselves on using non silicone, all natural products. From Beeswax to plant based polymers we have your vehicles best intentions at heart.

We are also a give back company. We ensure our products are all eco friendly, our bottles, supplies we use are made of recycled materials, our supplier with every bottle we buy provides clean drinking water to communities in need. Not to mention if you follow us which we know you do then you know we are always giving back somehow, some way.

Treehuggers Auto Spa is very proud of our support from each of you. As a way of saying Thank you, every vehicle we detail we are going to plant a tree in your honour for doing your part to save our planet. Once a year we will plan an event, work with a community group or school and we will donate 1 tree for every vehicle we detail.


Just one more way we plan to be the feel good company from the roots up 

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